How You Can Help Out

Look, you have the option to support any and all entertainment sources you choose. You’ve got your streaming services (all 63 of them), your audio-book subscription, that sad juggler-clown you hire every few weeks to cheer you up and frighten the neighbourhood children… we get it. Times are tight.

The articles and entertainment on this site are free, and we intend to keep them free. We aren’t in this to make money; we are in this to… well, to make happy. And happy is happier when it doesn’t cost anything.

Unfortunately, this project is costing us. Not a ridiculous amount, though we’d love to spend more and make our celebrations more celebrate-y. But even keeping things trim, there are expenses. We have no corporate sponsor, and no wealthy benefactor is pouring hundred-dollar bills (or even loonies and twonies) down our throats. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have a Patreon account where you can send us some nominal monthly support, and we’ll thank you with mentions or with extras. You can find the details below:

We loathe begging for money so we won’t bring it up often. We’d much rather beg for a bigger party. So if you’d like to join us (if you’re in the 780) for a celebration, or if you’d like to share your own celebration stories, please comment here or on social media, post pics, post videos, whatever. If you see National Oatmeal Cookie Day is approaching (April 30) and you’ve got a recipe we really need to use, send us a note. Post it for the world to see if you’d like.

Join the party!