Sunday, October 4, 2020

Will this truly be a day of ramping down celebrations so as to enjoy the actual weekend? Or will I fake everyone out once again and plunk another 6 or 8 items onto the official record? At the time of writing this introduction I usually don’t know. It comes down to how much I can legitimately indulge in, given the limited remaining hours of the day. We spent most of yesterday out shopping for supplies, and I had a friend due just a few short hours from when we got home, so no – there won’t be much today. But there will be this:

National Kevin Day

Here’s an interesting Kevin fact for you – and no, it will have nothing to do with the origin of National Kevin Day, because I’m not sure anyone has properly documented that – the name peaked in popularity in the US (and possibly Canada) in 1962. I knew one Kevin personally from around that era, and he was a delightful fellow. I have also been great friends with two 1974 Kevin models, and while we’ve known one another for about 30 years they are still among my favourite humans on the planet.

Naturally, I couldn’t let a day like this go by, not when I had genuine Kevins to appreciate in my life. So I put up a post on Facebook, which I was quite sure they’d see, thanking them for their exquisite Kevinness.

I really can’t think of any other way to celebrate this one. Sure, we could have invited them over and thrown a Kevin party, but once again we find ourselves in the spiny claws of the pandemic when such shenanigans are discouraged. They’re shenan’tigans, if you will. Or maybe you won’t. At least one of the Kevins I know would though, because they don’t care if my jokes are occasionally frail and forced. That might be the secret ingredient that makes Kevins so wonderful.

Happy day to Kevins everywhere. I hope someone cheers’ed you.

National Poetry Day (UK)

This day – which Wikipedia is telling me I celebrated two days late – is a British celebration to encourage Brits to embrace the beauty of the language they created. There is no greater way to soak up the full limits of how magnificent this language can be than by experiencing it in poetry. I mean, Tom Robbins does a fine job as well in prose, but yesterday was all about the verse.

I did read a couple of poems yesterday, but the real joy came once again courtesy of Sir Patrick Stewart, who donned a tux to recite Sonnet 154, the final entry in his pandemic-year posts of Shakespeare’s sonnets. It was, as always, beautiful to hear the words of the Bard uttered in the calming warm tones of SirPatStew’s amazing voice. And that’s the true glory of poetry – we can let the words paint colours in our minds but when those glorious syllables are spoken aloud they become music.

I have a head for rhythm and rhyme, but never yearned to be a poet. That could be the result of my father’s insistence that I pursue a career with more lucrative potential, I don’t know. I have a friend who is pursuing a Ph.D. in poetry, which I find truly magical. That’s what poetry is – language infused with magic. And she’s in training to be a super-wizard.

I hope everyone got a taste of something that sparkled their eardrums yesterday. It’s never a bad time for some beautiful words.

Look At The Leaves Day

Yep, this is as far as we need to go for yesterday. We enjoyed some poetry, said hey to some Kevins, and we enjoyed the leaves. I think we just crested the hill as far as Edmonton’s autumn glory is concerned; from here it’s a quick path to barren trees and eventually snow. Normally that would darken my spirits, but this also means we’re careening toward the end of the year, and that suits me fine.

Besides, this year’s snow will see me working from home and equipped with a snowblower for the first time in several years. I don’t think I’ll hate it quite as much.

But for now we’ve got this glorious batch of colour to brighten our lives and enrich our hearts. It’s natural art, and ultimately it’s fleeting. So get out there and look at ‘em because it won’t be long before you’ll miss ‘em.

There’s still football to be watched, at least until the entire league gets infected with the virus (which is entirely possible). As such, that will be the focus of our Sunday. We’ll also try to squeeze in some of this:

  • National Taco Day. Looks like I’m making tacos today.
  • National Golf Lover’s Day. Yesterday and today may be the most beautiful and perfect weekend for golf all year. Unfortunately I’m not a golf lover.
  • National Vodka Day. You know we won’t be skipping this one.
  • Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Day. We have never stayed at a bed & breakfast, but we do dine at a country inn.
  • World Animal Day. Is this really such a generic idea for a day? Or is it very specific, celebrating the drummer for Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem?
  • National Cinnamon Roll Day. Hell yes it is. These pair nicely with vodka, I’ve heard.
  • Change A Light Day. Wow. So much fun right here.
  • Improve Your Office Day. I have an actual office now, so this is a consideration.
  • International Toot Your Flute Day. I might do this one just for the name alone. I like celebrations that rhyme.
  • National Ships-In-Bottles Day. I really don’t see this in my future today. But who knows?

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