Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Far from being a flight into the vast and curious unknown, yesterday was merely a Tuesday wearing its Tuesday face. We opted not to enslave ourselves to the prescribed food celebrations, as real life has prodded us in another way. So instead I turned to a couple of the more esoteric calendar ticks, in hopes they would provide some interesting content. They provided content to be sure, but interesting? That is in the eye of the individual reader. Only two entries for the day because sometimes that’s just how days go. Here’s what we were up to:

National Online Learning Day

Where last year this day would have been a hat-tip to the folks who are upgrading their marks or trying to squeeze in some extra education into an otherwise busy life, in 2020 this is a very different beast. Just about all post-secondary has switched to online in this part of the world, and a substantial percentage of kids are also plunking themselves in front of a computer, hoping to learn something.

It’s not easy. To power through online learning it takes motivation, organization, and more self-control than most folks possess. I’ve done it a few times – when I was younger I lacked all three of those traits and failed miserably. As I pushed toward my degree in my 30s it became necessary. And as it became necessary I found I was able to balance it and make it work for me. Jodie is working toward her Masters now, and her course work is 100% online. She’s making it work.

But there are scads of kids who are struggling this year, because online learning simply isn’t for them. My cousin just started at the University of Alberta, and he’s already feeling the strain. The key is to make it a routine – same Bat-time, same Bat-channel to tune into work. Have an office set up; using the dining room table, as Jodie will attest, sucks. Treat it like it’s another place to go to get stuff done.

So to all the kids out there who are plowing through Zoom lessons and the wealth of distractions that are bundled with online learning, we wish you all the best. It can be done, just have a little faith.

National Felt Hat Day

Today is a day for folks to bust out their felt hats and wear them. That’s assuming you have a felt hat, which I do not. But Jodie does, so we can take part. And that is literally all there is for today. It’s not “Wear Your Felt Hat To Work Day” or even “Wear Your Felt Hat In Public Day”, which is great because I’d look a little silly wearing that hat while walking the dogs.

I mean, we could have gotten really creative with this and simply fondled any hat and say we “felt” our hat. Okay, that’s not “really creative” but more of a logistic work-around. But one we didn’t need! We own a felt hat!

I’m a little disappointed in myself that I dumped Double Cheeseburger Day for this…

What? That’s it? Yes folks, that’s it for today. Too much real life to tend to, too many fluffy celebrations I had to handle. Here’s what we’ve got for today’s menu:

  • National Play-Doh Day. Do I have any play-doh? I do not.  I hope they hold some sort of national play-doh building competition though. I’d tune in for that.
  • National Cinnamon Raison Bread Day. We don’t have any of this lying about either, which is a shame.
  • National Step Family Day. This I do have.
  • National Guacamole Day. Does avocado toast count?
  • Stay Away From Seattle Day. This should be relatively easy, given that I’m a few thousand miles away from Seattle.
  • National Working Parents Day. Unless this means we get to take the day off, I’m not interested.
  • Anne Bradstreet Day. A poet I’ve never heard of, but she gets her own day. Well done, Anne!.
  • National Collect Rocks Day. Looks like it’s time to find Penelope some friends.
  • National Tattoo Story Day. I don’t have any tattoos for which I could tell a story, so perhaps today is the day to experience the back-story that will lead to my tattoo.
  • National School Backpack Awareness Day. I can see raising awareness for diseases or endangered animals, but for school supplies now?
  • Wrinkled Raincoat Day. Weirdly specific.
  • Teenager Workout Day. I guess I have to workout with some teenagers.

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