Saturday, June 27, 2020

In a day where minutes are precious cargo, plummeting from a hole in the floor of the hold, one must balance where one’s energies are pointed. Today we have a household of five; it’s a gift that will get forcibly returned to its origin store in only two days. So how many of those precious minutes will be squeezed into my articles, and how many will be poured into the radical bliss of the right-now? Sometimes the writing must be demoted. Sometimes the celebrating must be done in real-time. To that end, we did this yesterday:

National Beauticians Day

A beautician by definition creates beauty. I see a barber, which is why I may look coifed and downright funky after a haircut, my beauty tends to reside on the inside. Jodie sees a stylist, but I’d say Sarah qualifies as a beautician, given the quality of her work. Yesterday it was Abbey’s turn… she comes home from university and sees our hairstylist even before getting a checkup with the doctor.

Of course we couldn’t go in there and hang out; Sarah works her magic in her basement, so only one customer is allowed inside at a time. But this was a perfect line-up of the stars, allowing us to celebrate this one on time. And the end result was Abbey looking beautiful.

To all those who bring beauty unto other’s faces, hair, or other body parts, happy day.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

As previously mentioned, we are not at work today, nor were we at work yesterday. But this article has proven to be the ever-looming work dangling like an inverted cow in a butcher shop, dripping entrails and goo over every one of my days off. Was that too grotesque? It may be too grotesque.

Yesterday’s article, the one that is now tickling your eyeballs, was written under the careful supervision of Trixie, pictured above. She’s a brutal taskmaster, and simultaneously a muse of immeasurable proportions. She got me through this hurried mess of an article as no one else could.

How much will we pack into today? Hard to say – here’s what we could tackle:

  • National Onion Day. Chances are we’ll eat something with an onion involved.
  • National Ice Cream Cake Day. If we don’t get to this today, I’m sure Abbey will insist we tackle it very soon.
  • National Sunglasses Day. Can I write an entire (abridged) article wearing sunglasses? I’m just that cool. Yes.
  • National Orange Blossom Day. Sounds lovely. I don’t think we get a lot of orange blossoms up here.
  • Summersgiving. We can’t do Thanksgiving with the entire family this year, but we can do this.
  • National Bingo Day. We may get to some board games. Doubt bingo will be involved.
  • Global Smurfs Day. Nope. Probably not.
  • Bartender & Mixologist Day. Now we’re getting more on track.
  • Happy Birthday To You Day. To whom?
  • Decide to Be Married Day. I have to decide right now?
  • National Celebrate Your Marriage Day. I guess that depends on how well we both tackle the previous point.

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