Saturday, April 18, 2020

Yesterday: a day

packed with much mirth and also

a weekend’s sweet launch.

Six celebrations,

each poignant, weird or quirky

or else at least fun.

This piece in verse writ;

syllables counted thusly:

five, seven, and five.

Why make life harder?

Why drag out this process so?

I’m so glad you asked.

National Haiku Poetry Day

Seventeen total

syllables in a haiku

arranged just like this

Juxtaposing words

with one in between to splice

contrast images

There is no beauty,

no deep thought and no wisdom

in my efforts here

I’m simply squeezing

my research and revelry

into the structure

Haiku is about

stream of thought, ideas launched

in spite of themselves.

The kireji word,

meant to splice, to draw a pause,

mirrors, parallels

This word *is* haiku;

it makes us think, grow, reflect,

gives depth to the verse.

Haikuist Bashō:

the rock star of the haiku,

got tons of groupies.

Did I celebrate?

fuck yes – look at all this work

which I do for you.

National Cheeseball Day

Packed into a sphere,

a killer party snack food

not perfect for two.

Cream cheese, cheddar, goat,

rolled in diced pecans, oh wow –

so many pecans.

Like, three times this week;

and it’s Pecan Month to boot,

I’m glad we bought lots.

This was so creamy,

the Mel Tormé of snack foods,

very addictive.

Origin story?

nope, I couldn’t track one down;

who cares? Yummy food.

Used this recipe,

but added goat cheese ourselves

because we love it.

Make your own; it’s fun!

it transformed our dinner meal

to COVID party!

National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day

Before and after,

not much difference, I’m afraid –

we keep things quite tight.

No old fungal cream,

guests could snoop but would be bored;

no embarrassment.

No Prep-H for butts,

nary a blue boner pill,

nothing has expired.

It’s good to check though –

old meds are so dangerous,

just like some old folks.

Yes, that’s a razor.

We have so much room in there,

plus it stays hidden.

What weird mysteries

are lurking in your med-cab?

Something weird or gross?

Clean that place out well

and you won’t need to again

until next April.

Thank An Herbalist Day

Thank an herbalist?

Do I know an herbalist?

Nope, no herbalist.

Herbalists use plants:

botany for the body,

leaf-stems for the soul.

Plants are medicine

when employed by their deft skills,

soothing and saving.

Yin/yang in balance,

Chinese herb use goes way back,

ancient-like magic.

Indonesian folks

use the jamu medicine:

Thirteen cent’ries old.

Animals use herbs;

herbalists watch – learn from them;

nature feeds nature.

Western meds are great

but sometimes do more damage

than the good they pledge.

Thank you, herbalists,

for keeping ancient wisdom

alive and legit.

I should go meet one,

tap into truths of the past –

does my weed guy count?

Malbec World Day

Back in ‘56

a Bordeaux frost killed the grapes

almost completely.

These grapes are robust,

deep in color, flavourful,

much wine-y goodness.

Thick-skinned, mid-season

sun-hungry grapes, plum-like taste

makes for intense wines.

Oft used for blending,

dropped in popularity

in France since 2k.

Argentina though,

adores their Malbec vinos

with their own cloned grapes.

French ‘Cahors’ Malbec

is dark and so tannin-packed,

it’s still a big draw.

This day’s a party –

meant to honour Malbec grapes

in Argentina.


great president Sarmiento

brought over the grapes.

A wine industry

was birthed there through the Malbec;

so much yummy yum.

We tried Copper Moon,

a product of Canada.

We love our home wines.

Blah Blah Blah Day

A day to salute

casual conversation – yikes…

what else is there now?

One month in lockdown,

all the big topics we’ve done

over and over.

Let’s face it people,

virus talk is so passé,

we should keep it light.

Talk about movies,

weird shows about tiger freaks,

anything but news.

This type of convo

is sanity’s salvation

amid this crisis.

So what’s up then, folks?

Your favourite pen brand? Lite beer?

Dog breed? Pizza crust?

Keep those blah blah blahs

rolling through the chat-o-sphere,

freshening our brains.

Let’s pretend it’s done.

Not to go outside, not yet;

we’ll get there someday.

But we have to smile.

Trade dialogue ‘bout nothing.

Keep it light and chill.

We are our best hope

to keep one another right –

so blah blah blah on.

With supplies to get,

and these parties to pursue,

happy Saturday!:

  • National Record Store Day. We would love to swing by a record store today. Like, REALLY love it. Instead we’ll… do something less fun.
  • National Animal Crackers Day. A funny Marx Brothers movie but also a food. We’ll probably eat the food.
  • National Auctioneers Day. This was really going to be the most fun Saturday in April. Auctions can be a lot of fun, but not so much right now.
  • National Pet Owners Independence Day. Dogs and cats should go out and work while humans stay at home today. Well, our dogs will be in our office – maybe they should write today’s article?
  • International Day for Monuments And Sites. This is just cruel now.
  • International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day. We have none, nor will we likely be able to source any. Fuck.