Cultural Communities

Cultural Communities is a ministry of Celebrate Recovery dedicated to ensuring that communities of color and their families have a safe space to find healing and recovery.

We know that in every community, families wear badges of honor and pride because of their deep heritage. Unfortunately, there are those in these same families who also wear bandages to cover a multitude of hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Pain, addiction, disappointment, and hopelessness do not discriminate. Neither does the journey that leads toward Christ’s healing power. Life change, fresh vision, renewed strength, restored hope, and relationships are experienced as individuals take intentional steps toward accepting God’s grace and forgiveness.

Our mission is to cultivate a space where all people experience recovery and reconciliation regardless of ethnicity or race. We facilitate Celebrate Recovery step studies for people of color led by people of color. [Black, Latino, Indigenous, AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) communities] In addition, participants connect through our annual Summit, monthly Connections experiences, and our Come and See events. Our goal is to one day eliminate the need for Cultural Communities inside of Celebrate Recovery by bringing everyone along into maturity and unity in our faith.